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How it Works:

The thermostat of the majority of electric heaters controls the amount of heat that they deliver into the room, not the actual room temperature, which causes it to change greatly from day to day and during the course of the day or night.

It is now a well known fact (e.g. see that every degree C of unnecessary heating/cooling adds around 10% to the relevant electricity costs (“10% per degree” rule) and it is becoming widely understood that the key to managing heating and cooling costs lies in a precise digital room temperature control that can be achieved with a particular heating or cooling appliance.

Unfortunately, the majority of electric heaters and a large portion of window air-conditioners currently used in Australia are lacking the ability to correctly sense and digitally control the actual room temperature. The limitations of such non-digitally controlled heaters and air-conditioners are illustrated below.

Unlike the heater/air-conditioner thermostat, HeaterMate is located separately from the heater/air-conditioner, which enables it to read the actual room temperature and precisely control it by turning the appliance ON and OFF at the powerpoint. Furthermore, by providing digital room temperature control Heatermate delivers the required accuracy of the temperature setting to enable user to save energy based on the above “10% per degree” rule.

With Heatermate you will no longer need to keep adjusting your heater/air-conditioner thermostat depending on the weather or time of the day (or night) trying to save energy – Heatermate will do it for you. The heater/air-conditioner thermostat can now be permanently set to maximum for quick initial warm up/cool down, but, once your set room temperature is reached, Heatermate will take over the control and will maintain that temperature for you.

For more information about Heatermate operation and its energy savings please download Heatermate White Paper.