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Q: Can I keep the heater switched on all the time without worrying about my energy bills skyrocketing?

A: Yes, you can have the heater switch in ON position all the time while you are using the room – Heatermate will choose the best energy saving regime to maintain your desired room temperature and will keep your heater disconnected from power when no heating is required.

Q: usually i warm up in the evening and use a warm blanket instead of a heater. on some nights it get uncomfortably cold – how can I use Heatermate?

A: If you have a warm blanket then you may set the room temperature a bit lower, say 16-18 deg C and Heatermate will maintain it for you. Your heater may need to be switched on by the Heatermate only a couple of times during the night (and on some warmer nights not at all), but you will know that your bedroom will never get too cold.

Q: my son suffers from an allergy and dry air from heating is not good for him, but I can’t leave the room cold as he is getting sick. What you advise with Heatermate?

A: People with allergies are sensitive to both overheating (hot, dry air in the room) as well as to when the room gets too cold. With children particularly, as they tend to uncover themselves in their sleep, cold bedrooms can easily get them sick. Heatermate solves both of these problems by making sure that the room is neither too hot nor too cold, all the time.

Q: during midseason it sometimes gets cold for just a few hours, but i feel my arthritis straight away. Please explain if Heatermate can make a difference?

A: With Heatermate you can be comfortable all through the year. Even in midseason (spring or autumn), when cold nights happen only once in a while, you can be sure that your bedroom temperature will never drop below your comfort level. Simply keep your Heatermate connected all the time and it will turn your heater ON automatically on a cold night. At the same time on most of the nights it will keep your heater OFF, so it will cost very little extra to stay comfortable during mid season.

Q: I have central ducted air-conditioning installed in my house. Can Heatermate help in this case?

A: You can set the thermostat of your central air-conditioning to a lower temperature (e.g. 15 deg C) and have Heatermate controlling heaters in individual bedrooms. This would be more energy efficient compared to a higher thermostat setting for the whole house (due to higher heat losses in the common areas), while also providing individual temperature control for each bedroom.

Q: Can I use Heatermate on an extension cord or power board?

A: Yes, Heatermate can be used on an extension cord, double adapter or power board, but not lying directly on the floor (need to be at least 20 cm above it) and placed in a vertical position.


A: Heatermate is compatible with any heater which can automatically restart after power reconnection. As a basic rule, any heater with a simple knob type thermostat will be compatible.

Q: How do I set up my heater to be used with heatermate?

A: (i) Set your heater thermostat permanently to maximum (10/10), so that it does not interfere with Heatermate operation. (ii) Set your heater power selector to use approximately 100W of power per 1 square meter of the room you need to heat. For example, if your room is 10 square meters, set your heater power to 1000W or to the nearest available setting