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The graph below illustrates how HeaterMate helps to save energy

Since the heater thermostat is designed to deliver constant heat from the heater (rather than constant room tempeature) the room temperature keeps rising overnight (red curve). This results in a significanty larger energy consumption compared to a proper thermostatic control (i.e. constant room temperature), which HeaterMate delivers (green curve). With the right room temperature setting (e.g. 20 deg. C), HeaterMate can help to save $32.25 per month.

Heatermate Use and Energy Saving Tips

  • After plugging your heater into HeaterMate, set the heater thermostat permanently to maximum (10/10) so that it does not interfere with HeaterMate operation.
  • Set your heater power selector to use approximately 100W of power per 1 square meter of the room you need to heat. For example, if your room is 10 square meters, set your heater power to 1000W or to the nearest available setting.
  • Set the room temperature as low as possible for your comfort level – every extra degree in set temperature adds at least 10% to your heating costs. If you live in a relatively mild climate, reducing your set temperature by only a few degrees can greatly reduce your daily energy consumption (please see Heatermate White Paper for more details). A combination of a lower set temperature and wearing warmer clothing is a good energy saving strategy.
  • The better the thermal insulation of your room, the greater the energy savings that HeaterMate can help you to achieve.
  • Windows are one of the main channels of heat loss – make sure that they are tightly closed. In older houses, where window frames may have some gaps, it is recommended that you seal them with tape.
  • Close blinds or draw curtains during the night. The air pocket between the blinds (or curtain) and the window will improve the thermal insulation of your room.
  • Under door draft protectors can also greatly improve the thermal insulation of your room, especially on cold and windy days.
  • Open up blinds and curtains fully on a sunny day to let the sun do the heating job for you. Your bedroom will still be warm in the evening and HeaterMate will pick up that energy and will not turn your heater on until later in the night when it is necessary, .